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Recycling in 2016

February 22, 2016 - In Articles

Drummotors and More supply gearboxes, electric motors and drum motors to recycling organisations all over the United Kingdom and because of this February’s article will be based around recycling and how you can decrease the amount of waste you produce. Our drives and drums power all sorts of different recycling machinery but are mainly used for conveyor belts and shredders.


When it comes to recycling we like hearing the facts, here are some to get you recycling in 2016


The Drummotors and More workshop team try and reuse as much packaging material as they can. Boxes, any bits of cardboard, polystyrene, shredded material and pallets are all reused for our packaging to reduce the amount we throw away and to reduce the amount of money we spend on packaging material.

In the office we like to reuse as much as we can as well. We reuse any envelopes that still have a professional appearance; we use scrap paper for note taking instead of just throwing everything away and filling up the bins, any paper we cannot use is shredded and put into secure bags and used as packaging material downstairs.

Milk is an office essential with amount of tea and coffee we consume in the UK but did you know that a glass milk bottle is used thirteen times before it is recycled. Why not switch back to glass this year.

Learn more about business recycling here, plus get some free posters to encourage your workforce to recycle – Click Here 

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