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Drum Motors and More

High Power Drum Motors


Drum motors available upto 45kW with a diameter of 320 to 600mm

For the high power Drum motor application or for the replacement of the large and obsolete Thorite superdrive drum motor we can offer German manufactured high power drum motors available with a motor power upto 45kW and a drum diameter of 600mm.

Again superbly engineered to give long term reliability for those inaccessible conveyor drives where only a drum motor will do, These drum motors are very versatile and extremely tough and ideally suited to arduous applications such as quarrying and waste recycling as well as specialist applications in vehicle manufacture, airport handling and specialist production lines.  These units are available with backstops, brakes, lagging, mounting brackets etc.

In the event that one of these drum motors is required to replace an existing unit full dimensional interchangeability will be ensured.


Inside the LAT Drummotor


More Information

For more detailed information about LAT, our supplier of Large Power Drum motors, please click the link below and visit their website. – Click here

For quotes or more information about our Large Power LAT Drum motors, call us on 01509 815607 or send us an email through our contact page by clicking here.

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