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Stainless Steel Drives

Speak to our sales team about our new range of stainless steel motors and gearboxes 01509 815607 or

The stainless steel drives are designed to meet HACCP and EHEDG guidelines. As a result, they are resistant to a thorough cleaning regime, hygienic components are used and all corners and horizontal surfaces avoided as much as possible. Our stainless steel drive range enables you to meet the requirements, but also stay cost-effective.

Stainless steel electric motor
Stainless steel worm gearbox
Stainless steel geared motor

Stainless steel electric motor

The smooth design of the stainless steel motor with
a high IP grade makes hygienic cleaning an easy job.
Motor speeds: 2-pole 4-pole 6-pole
Water cooled & Air cooled Sizes: 63 – 132mm
Water cooled & Air cooled Power range: 0.12 – 18.5kW

Stainless steel worm gearbox

Worm gear reducers in stainless steel, easy to mount
and to combine with various drive components.
Size 40 – 18mm hollow bore – ratio 7.5 – 100:1
Size 50 – 25mm hollow bore – ratio 7.5 – 100:1
Size 63 – 25mm hollow bore – ratio 7.5 – 100:1

Stainless steel geared motor

Gearmotors in stainless steel in accordance with industry standards allows an easy transition from standard to stainless with the same foot print.
Power range: 0.18 – 7.5kW, flange diameter in 120mm, 160mm, 200mm

Stainless steel drive specification

O – Material AISI304, optional AISI316

O – Sealing grade IP67 and IP69K

O – Designed based on EHEDG and HACCP regulations and guildlines

O – Foodgrade components and lubricants

O – Easy to clean

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