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WEG WG20 Geared Motor range

WEG WG20 Interchangeable with all the common European gearbox manufacturers

In line with market requirements

For maximum user convenience, the housing of the new gearbox series has been designed in keeping with market requirements. The crucial mounting dimensions of the design correspond with the specifications already established on the market which allows for direct exchange. This means that WG20 geared motors are not only suitable for use in new application, but can also be easily integrated into existing systems as a replacement or for optimisation purposes.

WEG WG20 helical bevel geared motor

Helical Bevel Geared Motor

Helical bevel gear units are suitable for a multitude of applications. The two-stage basic design is extended by a third gear stage upward of 1760 lb-in. K gear units can also be equipped with a hollow shaft, output shaft, shrink disc, torque arm and mounting flange.

•Nominal torque: 970 – 39,800 lb-in

•Rated power: 0.16 – 40 HP

•Ratio: 3.82 – 277.79

WEG WG20 parallel shaft geared motor

Parallel Shaft Geared Motor

Thanks to their structural design, parallel shaft gear units are particularly suitable for conveyor technology applications. All eight sizes can be fitted with either a hollow shaft, output shaft, mounting flange or shrink disc. The ratio range of gear unit sizes F04 and F09 can be extended by a third gear stage.

•Nominal torque: 1150 – 39,800 lb-in

•Rated power: 0.16 – 40 HP

•Ratio: 3.85 – 487.67

WEG WG20 helical geared motor

Helical Geared Motor

The helical gear units come in twelve housing sizes for nominal torques from 50 to 18,000 Nm and are available in both foot and flange designs. While the two smaller geared units (C00 and C01) are able to perform to their full potential with just two stages, the larger C03 to C16 are available in both two and tree stage versions, for those applications in higher torque ranges.

  • Nominal torque: 50 – 18000 Nm
  • Rated power: 0.12 – 75 kW
  • Ratio: 2.44 – 375.71

Design versions

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WG20 Brochure

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WEG WG20 geared motor range

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Advantages for you

A geared motor for the whole world

  • Standard mounting dimensions
  • Can be switched to different voltages around the world
  • Certifications for international markets

Sophisticated design for more efficiency

  • Wide speed range
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise levels
  • Optimised oil fill quantity
  • Maintenance-free and lubricated for life
  • High quality components and equipment
  • Motors to efficiency class IE3

Comprehensive equipment for more flexibility

  • Can be extended by different motor modules
  • Temperature monitoring without added costs
  • Protection degree IP55 for the standard design
  • Switchover to 100/120 Hz characteristic in frequency inverter operation

The optimal programme for lower costs

  • Reduction in operating costs for plant operators
  • Standard mounting dimensions enable easy interchangeability without system conversion
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Flexibility and savings for purchasing, technology and warehousing

Standard mounting dimensions

Taking the most significant standard mounting dimensions available into account, the design allows for easy integration of WG20 geared motors into almost any existing systems

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