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Watt Drive

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The Austrian gearbox Manufacturer Watt Drive have been manufacturing a complete range of industrial gear motors for over 40 years. Their product range include Helical Worm, Helical Bevel, Helical in line and Parallel shaft. Their gearboxes are designed to take a dedicated motor or be fitted with IEC input flanges up to 90 kW with a 280 frame size. They have a maximum output torque of 35,000Nm

Watt Drive’s products are modular and very flexible with many options available from a standard list. This means no long lead times for Brakes, Backstops, Encoders, increased IP rating and ATEX to all zones.

All Watt Drive gear motors will be fitted as standard with the watt drive EUSAS multi voltage terminal box system allowing for use worldwide European, USA and Asia.

The EUSAS motor is widely used in conjunction with frequency drives, supplying constant torque up to 100 Hz and giving a linear increase in effective power.

Our Watt Drive products are widely used in all industries. We have supplied OEM and end user customers involved in waste recycling, quarrying, water and sewage services, theatre and stage engineering, food processing, airport baggage handling and many others. As long as we know what is required we can provided the means to drive it.

At Drummotors and More we hold a large stock of Watt Drive assembly parts and can build gear motors on an emergency basis for same day or next day despatch. Our assembly stock holding is based on historical supply and we manage our stock to maintain the ability to quickly replace previously supplied items on A UK build basis. In the event that we cannot supply ex-stock in an emergency we can arrange 48 hour delivery direct from Watt Drive in Austria.

Watt Drive was acquired by the multinational Electric Motor Group WEG and following this acquisition, considerable investment into new product development and improved production is being undertaken so that the Watt Drive products increase in availability on the world market, with after sales support being offered through WEG distribution worldwide.

Drummotors and More Ltd hold a large stock of Watt Drive/WEG assembly parts and can build Electric motors on an emergency basis for same day or next day dispatch.

In the UK, Drummotors and More remain at the forefront of Watt Drive/WEG Distribution.

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