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Transtecno – The Modular Gear Motor

AEMT Gearboxes 2

Transtecno is a gearbox manufacturer based in the heart of the Italian Gearbox region. Much of Transtecno’s production and product development is carried out at their Bologna Headquarters, with the majority of production being carried out in the Transtecno owned and managed factory in China.

The Transtecno product line is complete offering gearboxes in all popular configurations in aluminium and cast iron up to 3500 Nm. For increased output torque see our Watt Drive range up to 35,000 Nm.

We are able to offer a high level of product interchangeability with all the common manufacturers and have an ideal product line for both the aftermarket and OEM machine and plant builders.

Drummotors and More Ltd are Transtecno Master Distributors, if you would like to read more about this collaboration click here

CM Worm Boxes: From Size 026-130  ratio 5:1 to 100:1 motor size 56 frame to 132 Frame B5 and  B14

CMB/ITB Bevel Helical Gearboxes: Available to the same foot print and dimension as the corresponding CM gearbox, up to 130 in size but with the advantage of greatly improved efficiency. The ITB range has a maximum torque of 3500Nm and a maximum hollow bore of 60mm.

CMG/ITH Helical inline: Available up to 3500 Nm output torque, output shaft range from 20mm to 60mm.

Transtecno have some industry specific products with self-explanatory titles…

Pig and Poultry Tecno – For the Pig and Poultry Sector.

Solar Tecno – For tracking of solar panels for directional optimisation.

Carwash Tecno – High IP rating units for rotary carwash units.

Fire Tecno – Specialist Auger drives for input feeders into biomass boilers.

Door Tecno – For industrial door and barrier closers.

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