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Delta Inverters

Delta Inverters


Modular Design Modular structure and extension with optional cards

Standard MODBUS Protocol – Standard MOD BUS Protocol via R8-48S

Built-In EMI Filter (230V 1-phase and 460V 3-phase) – To reduce electromagnetic interference efficiently.

Compact Design – Space saving and euy DIN rail mounting with optional DIN rail adapter.

Optional Fieldbus Modules – Provide connection to a variety of networks, including Profibus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and CAN open.

Flexible Extension – Via optional cards, such a1 I/O card, Relay card, PG (Encoder) card and USB card, to meet your application requirement.

RFI-Swltch for IT Mains – Removable “Y” capacitor to use with IT mains supplies.

Easy DC BUS Sharing – Multiple VFD-E can be connected in parallel to share the regenerative braking energy. In this way, over-voltage is prevented and the DC-bus voltage stabilised.

Complete Protection Function – High precision current detection, full overload protection (oL, oLl and oL2), over-voltage/over-current stall prevention, short-circuit protection, reset after fault, speed search function and motor overheat protection by PTC.

Removable Keypad – Tho standard keypad acts as a status monitor. More functions, including parameter modification, RUN/STOP, speed change, and status display, via optional keypad.

Power Range

1 – phase 115V series: 0.2 – 0.75kW (0.25-1hp)

1 – phase 230V series: 0.2 – 2.2kW (0.25-3hp)

3 – phase 230V series: 0.2-7.5kW (0.25-20hp)

3 – phase 460V series: 0.4 – 22kW (0.50-30hp)

Built-In PLC Function – Easy to write PLC proaram without additional PLC

Side-by-side installation (40°c) – High-efficiency cooling and flexible space

Easy Maintenance – Removable cooling fan for easy maintenance


Application Cases

Vacuum compressor

It reduces the large load of instant vacuum with VFD-E outstanding overload capacity.


It not only saves energy with built-in PLC function and mulli-step speed but also eliminates cost of an external controller.


More Information

For quotes or more information about our range of Delta Inverters, call us on 01509 815607 or send us an email through our contact page by clicking here.

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